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Why Marijuana Is The Gateway Drug To Cocaine?

Marijuana, like cocaine, also released dopamine in the brain to release a euphoric feeling but it is not addictive. Please note releasing dopamine into the brain and allowing the re-uptake of dopamine is no where near as dangerous as what cocaine does, it blocks the re-uptake of dopamine, so the dopamine stays in your brain, causing permanent damage.

So back on point, marijuana users feel good, enjoy the euphoric feelings from using marijuana yet are bombarded by the war on drug with all the propaganda that marijuana is dangerous, and addictive. Yet marijuana smokers see no damage, and are not addicted, so they think all propaganda is lies, including the ads that state cocaine is addictive and can cause permanent damage. Marijuana smokers just say to themselves, well they were wrong telling me about the dangers of marijuana, so they must be wrong about the dangers of cocaine. And there you have it, the marijuana user turns into a cocaine user and it is called the gateway drug for this reason.

The trust of the matter is, the government wants you to use cocaine. It funds wars, just like another highly profitable drug, heroine. Marijuana on the other hand, does not have such a highly profitable mark-up, so it is not used in the funding of war as much as the other two drugs and therefore it's punishment for those caught dealing are not as harsh. But when the public starts to sell cocaine or heroine, the punishments are very heavy. This is because the government does not want any competition. They want to be a monopoly and make all the money, to support wars, even get votes, the list is endless.

So why would the government want us to be addicted to cocaine and heroine?

Money buys votes which equals power. When the people controlling the product (drugs) have a monopoly, you can't stop them. Look at the problems currently (2010) with the drug cartels in Mexico. The government does not have a monopoly on the drug trade (not saying the government doesn't have their hands in it, of course they do, they just don't much control like the monopoly the USA has)

This monopoly in the USA is good and good. If you let criminals control the drugs, like in Afghanistan, you get terrorists groups like the Taliban, Al-qui da and the Mexican Cartel.

I wouldn't want your drug money going to terrorists, I would prefer it go to my government (USA) to take pre-emptive actions against terrorism and protect my country's economic future and it's safety.

The government wants us addicted to drugs, so they take a simple plant like marijuana which is safe, and spend billions telling us otherwise. They know we are going to smoke it anyway's as it is common knowledge that it is not addictive.

Then they tell us the cocaine and heroine is dangerous, so we try that, but unlike marijuana, it is addictive and they have a customer for life, more so then tobacco smokers.

If the government spend billions advertising that marijuana was safe and not addictive, but cocaine and heroine are addictive and cause health problems, WE WOULD ALL BELIEVE THEM, and marijuana would no longer be considered a gateway drug.

All this war on drugs propaganda is so clever.

If Shell Oil doesn't pollute the earth, why does it spend so much money on TV commercials telling us how clean their company is? Even their logo, a clean sea shell is meant to represent the opposite of what really happens. Could you imagine their logo being a toxic waste city left behind after they sucked out all the oil and didn't clean up before they left? If they did not pollute the land and sea, then they would have to go on TV telling us how clean and nice their production sites are.

If marijuana was so dangerous, they wouldn't need to spend so much telling people that it is on TV ads. Don't you think people have common sense? If we see our friends using marijuana, and they don't become addicted, nor does their brain "get fried" with permanent damage, then why would we need to see ads on TV stating marijuana use is safe, we already know it is.