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The History of Cocaine

Coca Plant Seeds


The Inca have been chewing cocaine for thousands of years. They take dry coca leaves, NOT PULVERIZED coca leaves like the Amazon Tribes (beacuse the Amazon Coca has such a small amount of cocaine in it's leaves, they had to crush it to pieces to be able to more easily extract the small amount inside).

You take the dried leaves from your pouch (chuspa), a small handful folded neatly, and place it between your cheek and teeth. You don't actually chew, rather move it around with your tongue so the juice is excreted and mixes with your saliva. But you will also need to add a strong Alkaline powder (llipta). It comes from crushed seashells, burnt roots or anything with a high PH really.

llipta is CAUSTIC and dangerous, causing burns if used incorrectly. Do not put it directly on you skin or directly on the insides of you cheek in your mouth. You pick up a small amount with a thin stick or wire and then carefully stick it into the centre of you wad of leaves. Your saliva will mix and safely dilute the high PH caustic that is slowly released from inside your wad of coca leaves. Remember to add saliva using you tongue to move it around a bit, do not chew.

The Caustic is needed to properly extract the alkaloids from the coca leaves, it won't produce the desired effects without it. It is amazing that before chemistry was understood, the Inca learned to do this thousands of years ago.

Because the leaves are dry before you place them in your mouth, it is difficult to safely add the caustic before you place the wad of leaves in your mouth. That is why you have them moisten first with your saliva by firstly placing them in your mouth before.