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Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

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Cocaine Addiction


Because cocaine is very expensive, there are not many addicts. Due the the high price cocaine was only taken once in a blue moon. Many users could only afford to use cocaine on special occasions like their birthday and many on new years eve. Because they would use the drug for one night, their bodies did not become addicted. Only the rich were becoming addicted because they had the money to keep up the habit. We have all heard about famous actors becoming addicted to cocaine, but we did not know anyone in our group of friends that had been addicted. Well, things have changed the past couple decades, and especially since the release of crack cocaine. Crack cocaine drastically reduced the costs, and so more users and addict were born.

Cocaine stops the re-uptake of dopamine in your brain. Since no re-uptake is occurring, more dopamine is left floating around in your brain and is creating that feeling of euphoria in your brain.

So basically you have these holders of dopamine. Under normal body function without drugs, these dopamine holders will release dopamine in your brain creating pleasure. Like when you climax, the pleasure you feel if from dopamine being release from the holders of dopamine. Soon after, the dopamine holders suck back the dopamine and store them for later, hence the term re uptake.

The problem with abusing cocaine, is that these dopamine holders get blocked. They cannot gather up all the dopamine in your brain to use later. So cocaine abusers feel very depressed.

The entire idea behind using cocaine is to feel better, so please don't abuse cocaine, it defeats it's purpose. It is also the most addictive thing on earth, so if you have no self control and you have an addictive personality, cocaine use and even trying it once should be avoided! You risk abusing cocaine and feeling depressed all the time because you can no longer naturally release normal amounts of dopamine because you screwed it all up.

You won't be able to use cocaine to feel better anymore either. You will have no dopamine left floating around to even stop it's re uptake. So you will be doomed for the rest of your life as depressed, unable to feel happy.

If you are responsible, use a couple times a year, you should have no risk of any problems as long as your dealer does not use dangerous adulterants.


This is what makes cocaine the most addictive substance known to man. They have done experiments with mice and even monkeys/chimpanzee's. The most famous experiment is one where a monkey hit the bar over 16,000 times for it to release a small dose of cocaine. This is 1600 times more than any other substance known to man.

The other famous experiment is even more intriguing. Mice could hit a button and get a small dose of cocaine and they could also drink as much as they wanted and hit a button to release food. The mice would always go for the cocaine, never once stopping to eat or drink until days later they died. They also did the same experiment with heroine, and the mice would get a dose, eat, sleep, wake up eat a bit more then get more heroine. The could still lead productive life's. They continued to groom themselves, eat and sleep. Their daily functions were not terribly interrupted. This is true for humans as well. We live with and around many people that are addicted to opiod's (heroine) and we don't even know it, because they still live a functional life, going to working, grooming, sleeping.

The mice taking cocaine doses on the other hand were completed crazy. They only ran around in a frenzy and the only activity they wanted to do was to take more cocaine. They did not sleep, groom themselves, eat or drink any fluids. And humans addicted to cocaine share many of these traits, if not all of them. Cocaine addicts may not groom themselves, many cannot hold down a steady job, many do not eat or drink and lose too much weight and become unhealthy or even die.

They did the same experiment with the monkeys, and after 5 days they had to stop the experiment to safe their life's. They became insane, and one was so agitated, he actually chewed off his own fingers. The only ambition they had was to obtain another dose of cocaine.

Smoking while using cocaine magnifies it's euphoric effects, so much, that smokers tend to chain smoke. Even worse, people that are non-smokers also tend to chain smoke. This places considerable more strain on your cardiovascular system.